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Fat Metabolisers Vs Fat Burners

by Analytics OMG 06 Mar 2023
Fat burner vs fat metaboliser

Both fat burners and fat metabolisers can be used to help manage your weight as part of a healthy diet and lifestyle, but what is the difference between them, and which one is right for you? Let’s break down the similarities and key differences between these two products and how they can produce results for you. 

Fat burners vs fat metabolisers — what’s the difference? 

If you’ve experienced some confusion about these two types of supplements, you’re not alone. Because fat burners and fat metabolisers actually contain many of the same ingredients, it can be tricky to pick apart the differences between them. Here are the main factors and benefits of both supplements.

What fat burners do

A fat burner contains a series of active ingredients to promote and support weight loss. These include: 

  • Stimulants — Often consisting of caffeine but also theobromine and guarana, stimulants are a crucial part of fat burners, promoting energy, focus and alertness. 
  • Metabolism boosters — These target fat storage, helping to increase caloric expenditure by turning fat into energy your body can burn. 
  • Appetite suppressants — Key to aiding with fat loss, appetite suppressants curb your cravings and make you feel less hungry throughout the day, which can be particularly helpful if you’ve significantly reduced your caloric intake overall. Ingredients like trace mineral chromium help to keep blood sugar levels more stable to prevent overeating. 
  • Carbohydrate blockers — Finally, carbohydrate blockers help to prevent your body from absorbing excess calories from your diet, stopping them from being converted into fat for storage. 

The main effect of fat burners is their encouragement of thermogenesis — a process wherein your body burns calories to produce heat. By taking a fat burner in the morning, your metabolism and body will be boosted with a burst of energy to power your workout. 

What fat metabolisers do 

Essentially, fat metabolisers are a more simplistic type of supplement that contains less ingredients than a fat burner. However, they still use the same principle as fat burners — they work to convert fat deposits into usable energy, which can make them a valuable tool in reaching your weight-loss goals. 

What’s the better option between a fat burner vs a fat metaboliser?

Choosing whether you want to introduce a fat burner or a fat metaboliser into your routine is a personal choice, as everyone’s body is different. Your current metabolic rate, your genetics, any existing medical conditions and lifestyle factors like diet and exercise will all affect how fat burners and fat metabolisers impact your weight loss. But, in general, if you’re looking into using one of these supplements for the first time, you may want to try a fat burner — it contains all of the ingredients present in a fat metaboliser, plus more. 

Discounted Supplements — your source for quality fat-burning supplements

If you’ve decided to use a fat burner as part of your weight management program, Discounted Supplements has the best quality selection of highly effective fat-burning supplements to increase fat oxidation and promote long-term fat metabolism. Shop our range of premium quality fat burners today and discover the best value prices you won’t find anywhere else in Australia. 

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