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How to be your best? Hit all the 1%s. Train well, eat well, recover well. Z-Mag is suited to the latter of those - helping to replenish your essential nutrients, enhance your recovery and build your body back up to help you be a better you. Z-Mag contains nothing other than what the name suggests: Zinc (Z), Magnesium (M), Selenium (S) and Taurine (T). These are all essential nutrients for the human body, which become ever-more important when your body is depleted due to training and exercise. Truth be told, Z-Mag nutrients hold incredible importance - from helping to prevent cramps, fatigue, dizziness and weakness, to reducing the risks of a whole suite of modern health concerns. The best part? Z-Mag by ATP Science brings them straight to you in a high-convenience, non-GMO, 100% natural and 100% vegan friendly ready-to-eat capsule.

- Replaces essential nutrients during recovery which are depleted during exercise 

- Aids effective and efficient recovery and growth 

- Reduces risk of several concerns (including cramps, fatigue, dizziness, high blood pressure and  type II diabetes) 

- 100% GMO-free, natural and vegan-friendly 

The essential nutrients provided by Z-Mag - Zinc, Magnesium, Taurine and Selenium - all combine to create a healthy and sufficient dosage of essential nutrients to our body. When we say ‘essential nutrient’, we are referring to those nutrients that your body is incapable of synthesising itself, and therefore must be taken via dietary intake. And if you’re wondering: Yes, they are really essential, and they’re essential for everyone. Many of these nutrients are contained in foods, but for a number of reasons additional supplementation has become both crucial and advantageous to individuals. 

First of all, modern diets (particularly Western Diets) - have seen a high decline in the composition of these nutrients - at hand of both a diet lower in wholegrain and vegetables, and also of depleted soils. In addition, for the majority of our go-getters who are striving for peaked performance, a better physique or a healthier body, we are pushing their limits through exercise, which further depletes our reserves of these nutrients. That is what Z-Mag aims to replenish and provide. The benefits of Z-Mag - in terms of both recovery and overall health and wellbeing - widely come with the benefits each individual essential nutrient, which we are about to outline below! 


Our body requires it as an activator for T-Cells, which are one of the most important aspects of our body’s immune response. Our body also depends on zinc to regulate communication between neurons - which affects our memory and learning ability. Therefore, the Zinc within Z-Mag plays a huge role in healthy healing, reducing the occurrence and severity of colds and illnesses, decreasing the risk of chronic disease and macular degeneration and treating illnesses when they impose on your body. 


It’s the 4th most abundantly required mineral in our body, and for a good reason - it plays several important roles. That’s why we are so happy that it’s a major ingredient within Z-Mag. First of all, it acts as a ‘helper-molecule’ for over 600 reactions - including energy creation, protein-formulation, gene-maintenance, muscle-movements and nervous system regulation. Specifically to training and recovery, it also plays a huge role in bringing blood sugar (energy) to the muscle, and removing lactate (waste) out. In addition, Magnesium has also been scientifically suggested to assist in reducing the symptoms, precursors and occurrence of depression, lower blood pressure, lower inflammation, prevent migraines and reduce insulin resistance (a major cause of Type II Diabetes). 


This nutrient is scientifically-backed as a powerful antioxidant - which links to a significantly lowered risk of chronic conditions and oxidative stress (damaged healthy cells). It is added to Z-Mag for its positive benefits regarding thyroid health and and enhanced immune response. 


This nutrient has widespread benefits, and has direct roles within many major organs including: maintaining ideal hydration and electrolyte balance in cells, forming bile salts to assist digestion, regulating cell composition of minerals, supporting general CNS function and regulating the health of your body’s immune system. Overall, this signifies that Taurine within Z-Mag plays a diverse and important role in ensuring your body performs and functions effectively. In addition, Taurine benefits athletic performance by reducing muscular fatigue and increasing the muscle’s ability to contract and produce force.

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