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Xtend Elite BCAAs


Made by the heroes at Xtend
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At the recommended 2 scoops per day, XTEND® Elite™ builds on the clinically studied XTEND® BCAA powder formula that promotes lean mass, muscle strength, and fat loss to increase muscle pumps, endurance, reduce fatigue, and maximize power output. Packed with non-stimulant energy and patented ingredients like:

  • Peak O2™: A patent-pending blend of ingredients that have been shown to maximize power output and support oxygen uptake.
  • CarnoSyn® Beta-Alanine: A patented and proprietary amino acid that supports muscular endurance during tough workouts.
  • Sensoril® Ashwagandha: Patented and clinically studied, Sensoril® Ashwagandha helps to provide natural stimulant-free energy and lessen stress factors so you can go into your training with a clearer head.

XTEND® Elite™ is for those that want to train with more intensity than ever before, and when you’re looking for that next step–the ultimate BCAA supplement to end all BCAA supplements, look no further than XTEND® Elite™. XTEND® Elite™ can help carry you through your toughest workouts, and beyond.

Key Features

  • Supports muscle recovery
  • 7g of BCAAs
  • Carnosyn Beta-Alanine
  • Available in 2 delicious flavours
  • PEAKO2
  • Sensoril Ashwagandha

Available Flavours

Xtend Elite BCAAs is available in 2 delicious flavours:

  • Sour Gummy
  • Island Punch Fusion

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, mix one scoop per 8-16 oz. of water (adjust for taste preferences). Shake well and consume up to two scoops during exercise on training days or between meals on non-training days. For best results, use two scoops per day.

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