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SIP’N BURN: the only BCAA product to combine hydration, endurance and enhanced recovery, with the powerful fat burning ingredients to successfully help you build the lean and toned body you’ve been training hard towards. SIP’N BURN, created by the industry leading labs at Maxine’s, is an innovative formulation that has helped women create a stronger, healthier and more sculpted body - whilst also providing a natural energy boost to fuel the best of workouts yet. Whatever your goals are, SIP’N BURN is one product that we truly trust will add the extra edge to help you achieve them.

  • Boosts hydration & enhances muscular recovery
  • Increases synthesis of lean, sculpted muscle mass for beautiful toned shape
  • Provides balanced, clean, all-day energy boost
  • Increases fat burn through potent LipoPhase Fat Burners

Every woman strives to out perform herself session in and session out. And every woman deserves to look and feel her very best. SIP’N BURN is here to help thousands of Australian women achieve just that. SIP’N BURN is quite the industry leading and comprehensive formulation - encompassing both ingredients to boost your physical output within each workout (did someone say PBs?!), to enhance your endurance and recovery between sessions so you can continue to keep doing what you do best, and fat burning ingredients to help you build the lean and sculpted body you’ve been working towards.

SIP’N BURN achieves these key objectives of their formulation through the inclusion of two unique blends in SIP’N BURN’s formulation: an Energy & Vitality Blend to boost your energy, endurance and recovery, and a LipoPhase Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix, which contains a blend of powerful fat burning ingredients.

First up is the Energy & Vitality blend within SIP’N BURN. The Energy & Vitality Blend contains all the essential branch chain amino acids, a source of Glutamine as the body’s most abundant amino acid, and a combination of some natural and balanced energy boosting ingredients to provide your body long lasting release of energy and nutrients to fuel optimised endurance and recovery. This includes L-Leucine, L-Isoleucine, L-Valine, L-Glutamine, Betaine Anhydrous, Guarana Extract, L-Taurine, Vitamin C, Magnesium Oxide and Vitamin E.

Finally within SIP'N BURN we have the LipoPhase Thermogenic Fat Burning Matrix. This matrix forms the fat burning powerhouse of CREA BURN, contributing a number of highly effective, yet completely natural fat burning ingredients - such as Acetyl L-Carnitine, Carcinia Cambogia, Choline, Inositol, Phaseolamin, Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Extract. These ingredients combine to increase your metabolism - meaning your burn more calories even at rest, increase mobilisation of fats to the muscle to be burned for fuel during exercise, and even help with appetite suppression! This is what truly makes SIP'N BURN an innovative BCAA product!

Best of all, SIP'N BURNis created with nothing but the highest of quality, premium shelf ingredients - and with a 100% transparent label that you can trust. It is also 100% gluten free!

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