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Phyto Fire Protein


Made by the heroes at PRANA ON
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Phyto Fire Protein brings together a powerful combination of industry leading, premium quality plant proteins, with thermogenic and metabolic boosting ingredients to really bring the fire to your fat burn. For you legends, this means the ultimate protein to support building lean muscle mass, boosting metabolism and burning more calories, and increasing your energy and focus all in one. It comes as an added bonus that Phyto Fire Protein then helps to enhance your gut health, your digestion, and of course, support you in your natural and plant-based lifestyle! From where we stand, its a 3-in-1 protein, an ultimate performance enhancer, and the best plant-based protein you can get your hands on if lean is your goal!

  • Lean, high quality protein to support fitness, growth, and recovery goals
  • Thermogenic and Metabolic Boosting formulation to help you burn through fat stores and lean up
  • Assists appetite control and provides a sustained energy release, naturally!
  • Crafted with Coconut MCT’s and digestive enzymes for optimal absorption
  • 100% Vegan Friendly, Keto-Friendly, Natural, Non-GMO and Allergen Friendly

Money saver? Plant Based Fat Burner? Lean Protein that supports your goals? Superfood to boost you wellbeing?

Look no further. Get it all-in-one with Phyto Fire Protein legends. Phyto Fire Protein is a powerful combination of plant proteins, thermogenic ingredients and superfoods designed to assist metabolism, support lean muscle growth and provide a sustainable energy boost. Phyto Fire Protein was designed and created for those with the goals of losing any excess body fat, toning up some sculpted lean muscle mass, and boosting energy and wellbeing in a natural and sustainable way - all in one. That’s pretty phenomenal, and certainly a first to the plant-based range that we’ve ever seen.

So how does Phyto Fire Protein achieve this? A genius formulation brought in from PRANA ON, that’s how! The protein composition within Phyto Fire Protein is contributed from a blend of Pea Protein and Rice Protein - two of the well known plant based proteins for their impressive plant-based Amino profile. Digestive enzymes and the almighty Coconut MCTs are then added to the mix of Phyto Fire Protein to boost protein intake and absorption: making sure all the important nutrients are put to good use!

The thermogenic and metabolic boosting blend within Phyto Fire Protein is then composed of a number of key ingredients, including Matcha Green Tea, Green Coffee Bean Extract, Tumeric Powder, Inositol and Choline increase fat metabolism. Meanwhile, Guarana, Caffeine Anhydrous and Acetyl L-Carnitine work to increase mental alertness - so that your mind power and energy is running at its best all day! By adding a thermogenic aspect to your protein intake, you have a supplement that offers a helping hand towards reaching and achieving your goals towards a leaner body and a more functional physique.

And best of all, just like everything within the PRANA ON range, Phyto Fire Protein is created with nothing but naturally sourced ingredients, sustainable processes, and natural sources. Expect a 100% vegan friendly product, that is also 100% natural - containing absolutely no GMO products, no gluten, no dairy, no added sugar, and no hazy additives. Power Plant Protein is as clean and pure as it gets, we promise.

And of course, the taste department! Phyto Fire Protein certainly doesn’t let down here either. Unlike its predecessor and the vast majority of vegan protein powders, Phyto Fire Protein is extremely smooth and creamy. What’s more, it also comes in an impressive range of flavour options, including:

  • Dark Chocolate
  • Honeycomb
  • Iced Coffee
  • Super Berry

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