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MAX's Challenge Pack 2


Made by the heroes at MAX's
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What's included:

Shred System

MAX's Shred System Protein is packed with the latest in lean nutrition science, including our sustained release Lean Protein Blend, a powerful Fat Incinerating Complex, and our Nitrogen Retention Technology to help burn off fat and bring out your lean and muscular physique!

Read more about Shred System here...

Anabolic Night

MAX’s Anabolic Night is Australia best-selling night protein. It provides up to 8 hours of continuous protein release to keep you recovering and growing all night. Up to 60% of new muscle growth occurs while you sleep – if you give your body the right nutrients. Don’t waste your hard hours in the gym with poor night time nutrition - Use Anabolic Night and wake up bigger!

Read more about Anabolic Night here...

Creatine X8

Eight different forms of fast and sustained release Creatine combine to put MAX'S Creatine X8 at the cutting edge of Creatine technology. Each Creatine hybrid has a different absorption speed and different entry point into your muscle’s energy cycles. The result – fast and sustained release for maximum energy and powerful muscle gains.

Read more about Creatine X8 here...

Acetyl L-Carnitine

MAX’S Acetyl L-Carnitine is a pure dose of pharmaceutical grade ALCAR that will promote the transportation of fatty acids into muscle cell mitochondria allowing it to be burned as energy.

Read more about Acetyl L-Carnitine here...

MAX's Premium Shaker

So you've stocked up on your protein powders - now all you need is something to take them to the gym! This shaker features an easy lift and lockable lid, plus millilitre and fluid ounce guides for easy ingredient measuring.

Read more about MAX's Premium Shaker here... 

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Max Challenge pack

I purchased a Max Challenge pack from MAKFITNESS and I couldn’t be happier with the price and the delivery time was exceptional.
I will definitely be ordering my future supplements from them, thanks guys




MAX's Challenge Pack 2

MAX's challenge pack 2

Probably my favourite company to get supps through honestly. Seems theres always an effort to get the shipment out to you quick.
Good standard of quality across the board and well priced. Cant go wrong.


Very affordable price!
Great products!

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