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MAX's Challenge Pack 1


Made by the heroes at MAX's
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What's included:

Super Whey 1.82KG

Super Whey is our premium protein blend designed for all trainers from beginner to advanced. It combines Whey Protein Isolate, Concentrate and Hydrolysed Whey Peptides to give you the ideal formula for muscle recovery and lean muscle gain.

Read more about Super Whey here...

BetaPump Red Alert

BetaPump is a well-dosed pre-workout giving you the most optimal results through premium and proven ingredients that will turn you into an instant beast mode in the gym. It’s a highly potent supplement designed with 3 powerful blends: Energy & Endurance Extender Blend, Cognition & Alertness Amplifying Complex, and Vasodilation Matrix. It can be a single or double scooped to give your desired intense energy, focus, pumps, and cognition.

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MAX's BCAA is an advanced combination of Micronised Branched Chain Amino Acids in a proven 10:1:1 ratio designed to maximise energy, recovery and protein synthesis after training.

Read more about BCAA here...

MAX's Premium Shaker

So you've stocked up on your protein powders - now all you need is something to take them to the gym! This shaker features an easy lift and lockable lid, plus millilitre and fluid ounce guides for easy ingredient measuring.

Read more about MAX's Premium Shaker here... 

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