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Licorice Super Booster Tea

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Made by the heroes at ATP Science
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It’s getting cooler, flu season is kicking in, stress times are ramping up, and the hot chocolates are getting a little too tempting. It’s time to give your body a sweet and refreshing cuppa, that will help you work towards your goals! ATP Science’s latest release, Licorice Super Booster Tea, is an “instantized” tea, made from a powerful and unique combination of nature’s best herbs: Licorice Root, Reishi Mushrooms, Rosella Root & Cinnamon Bark. Together, they help to protect your system, revitalize your insides, soothe your body and your mind alike, and refresh your taste buds with a natural sweetness you’ll fall in love with - instantly.

  • Warm and sweet tea, with no added sugars, artificial sweeteners, and next to no calories
  • Provides healing qualities, to revitalize your entire system
  • Can soothe your stomach and restore balance within the GI tract
  • Provides anti-inflammatory benefits
  • It can be enjoyed hot or cold! Sweet refreshing Iced Tea, or a Hug in a Mug: up to you!

If you’re a die-hard ATP Science fan, we bet you’ve recently heard their podcast discussing the different forms of tea around, comparing their benefits, and concluding on which teas and which natural herbs actually posed the greatest benefit to the health and fitness community. We did our research too, and we found the same results. Licorice Root is arguably one of the most beneficial yet under-appreciated, and the powers of Reishi Mushrooms, which many brands have recently started to include in immunity-boosting supplements, cannot be looked past.

It, therefore, saw us both impressed and excited when Licorice Super Boosted Tea came to be. Licorice Super Booster Tea, created by popular demand from the ATP Science labs, combined not only the revered and almighty licorice but a few other natural herbs too: Reishi Mushrooms, Cinnamon Bark & Rosella Root. This makes Licorice Super Booster Tea an all in one solution, and the best tea the world has seen yet.

So what are the benefits? They’re pretty abundant. Licorice Tea is commonly utilized in a number of different medical circumstances and conditions. However, for the general population just looking to #livetheirbestlife - there’s a suite of super important factors too. Holistically, you can expect to feel “protected, nurtured, and comforted” with every sip of Licorice Super Booster Tea. But on the inside, you’ll also find that Licorice Super Booster Tea provides anti-inflammatory properties, detoxification, boosted immunity, soothing of the stomach, and rejuvenation of the ultra-important stomach linings, and even boosted energy levels.

Licorice Super Booster Tea, to further enhance the potency and effectiveness of the natural benefits of each of the herbal ingredients, has been created by ATP Science as an ‘instantized’ tea. This means Licorice Super Booster Tea comes as a powder, rather than a mixture of dried leaves. The major benefit of this is the ability to achieve consistency in the components of the formulation - you get a balanced dose and effective benefits every time, with every cup.

Now here’s the best part. Not only is Licorice Super Booster Tea a powerful natural health booster, but it tastes delicious too. Licorice is naturally very sweet, and very refreshing. If you like sweet beverages, but want to wean yourself off sugar, substitute a cup of Licorice Super Booster Tea for your alternative sugar-sweetened beverage (you know, the ones usually packed with sugar and calories) or add a little Licorice Super Booster Tea to your favourite herbal blend. It’s free from sugar, added sweeteners, and contains next to no calories. Just sweet, refreshing, comforting, and relaxing tea.

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