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Gut Health

Having the right number of bugs and the right combination of species of bugs for your body is what you are striving for. Majority of these bugs live in and on us because they are in our environment and food. More often than not it is not a deficiency of microbes but usually a problem occurs when we get an overgrowth of the wrong types of bugs or even an overgrowth of what may be considered healthy bugs that disrupt the balance. We can have too much of a good thing.

There have been diverse epidemics that our gut has been acquanted with such as inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS), Small Intestine Bowel Overgrowth (SIBO), Fermentable Oligo - Di - and Monosaccharides and polyols (FODMAP), Indigestion, and Reflux (GORD). That happens because our gut has bugs which outnumber us 10:1. It is these guts bugs that will control a lot of our digestive processes especially our metabolism, as well as immune and our gut wall integrity.

GutRight is a Modbiotic™ formulation. It is a concentrated form of naturally healthy modbiotic compounds that once was once found in abundance in our traditional diet, which was loaded with skins, peels, seeds and fibre.GutRight is simply supporting the balance we once enjoyed when we ate a more natural diet. Just as we may supplement our diet to replace the deficient micronutrients with a multi formulation, or take extra fibre or supplement with oils; we can “spike” our diet with modbiotic compounds with GutRight.


A Modbiotic® is a group of natural compounds including polyphenols that help to maintain a healthy diverse microbiome. Probiotics add certain strains but you may already have enough of those same kinds or other tougher ones that won’t allow the probiotics to stick around and grow. Prebiotics may indiscriminately feed your bugs. Modbiotics® have a microbiome modifying effect.Just as we look to fortify our diet with foods high in nutrients, vitamins and fibre to compensate for our changing foods, eating and farming we can now do the same thing with the for the lower levels of polyphenols in our foods by adding GUTRIGHT® modbiotics® into your diet.

Key Features

  • Reduce Bad Bacteria (Firmicutes)
  • Increase Good Bacteroidetes
  • Modulate Microbiome Symbiosis
  • Reduce Inflammation
  • Improve Micronutrient Utilisation
  • Decrease Dysbiosis

Suggested Use

Kick Start Program - Take 5g (1 flat scoop) mixed into water, juice, smoothie, protein or honey 3 times daily with meals for 10 days.

Maintenance Program - Take 5g (1 flat scoop) mixed with water, juice, smoothie, protein or honey daily.


Larch fibre, Hibiscus powder, Daikon radish sprout, Green Lady Finger Banana resistant starch, VeganGlucosamine (corn derived), Cacao, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, Schisandra berry, Pomegranatepeel, Broccoli sprout, Kale leaf and sprout, Barley sprout, Acai, Black cherry, Ginger, Rosemary, Apple peel AppleActiv™, Cranberry, Rice, Sweetener (Stevia)

Maintenance program: add 5grams (1 flat scoop) of GUTRIGHT mixed into water, juice, smoothie,NOWAY protein powder or honey daily

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Great product

Great product however do not try to mix this with water. Def mix into a shake or small amount of juice. Helped fix my stomach after a bout of illness. Definitely recommend if you have any stomach issues.


I was very happy with the results




Going to order this again after the holiday festivities. Amazing product! Super fast shipping too

Works perfectly as titled “Gutright”

I don’t have too much to say as this product works exactly as titled “Gutright”. The list of benefits this product holds is over a page long. The main reason I purchased this product was to help attack & clear out any bad bugs I had living in me. I’ve almost finished my first container & my stomach feels a lot better which is why it’ll continue to be a long term product as part of my stack.

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