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Green Beret


Made by the heroes at RedCon1
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Redcon1 have made an extremely well-rounded vegan-friendly protein, 20 grams of protein per serve. Jump start your post workout recovery with one of the most amazing vegan protein sources on the market. 

  • Lean muscle gains
  • Vegan friendly 
  • No bloat, delicious taste

RedCon1 Green Beret is pea protein alternative to the Redcon1 family. Each serving of Green Beret contains 20g of high-quality protein. Easy to mix and works fast to boost recovery and improve muscle development.
Considering the taste? Well, Green Beret offers 4 flavours that will give your taste buds the real treat! It just doesn't have a great amazing taste, Green Beret also mixes easily! What are you waiting for?

RedCon1 Green Beret Key Features

  • High-Protein Supplement
  • Contains very low carbs and fats
  • Pea protein extract
  • Supports muscle repair
  • Perfect Post-Workout Supplement
  • Delicious Flavours and Easily mixed
  • 100% Accurate Dosage

Green Beret Flavours

Green Beret comes in a huge range of flavours:

Chocolate - A smooth dairy chocolate.

Strawberry - Soft pinch of sweetness, not overpowering.

Peanut Butter - Amazing peanut butter treat, not at all overpowering peanut taste.

Vanilla - Fresh smooth finish.

Cake Batter - Deliciously sweet, certainly capable of having you into thinking it's a cheat meal.

How to take RedCon1 Green Beret?

Simply mix 1-2 scoops of Redcon1 Green Beret with 400ml water in your shaker first thing in the morning with breakfast and again immediately post-workout.

RedCon1 Green Beret Key Ingredients

Plant Based Protein- the purest form of plant-based protein available.

No artificial flavours, gluten free, no artificial dyes. 

Watch the video for more information about RedCon1 Green Beret

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