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GI Juice


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Let’s face it, we probably don’t get the recommended servings of fruits and vegetables each day that we need. And even if you do, how many extra grams of sugar does that add onto your diet? As healthy as we know you are trying to be, there’s always room for improvement. Take your micronutrient health just as intently as you do your macronutrient.

Maximize your health and improve your digestion without the extra calories. GI Juice comes packed with a highly concentrated dose of 13 fruits and vegetables. This daily, greens supplement will help fight off free radicals, keeping you feeling great and leaving you energized all day long. Drink GI Juice anytime you are thirsty to elevate the quality of your daily nutrition.

Key Features

  • Helps fight off free radicals
  • High-alkaline plant based ingredients
  • Tastes delicious & mixes easily
  • Low sugar
  • Improves digestion

Suggested Use

You can take GI Juice at any time of the day.

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