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Extreme Carbs


Made by the heroes at International Protein
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Add size, strength and improve recovery time with Extreme Carbs. International Protein is one of the highest grade supplement manufacturers in the world, from protein to amino acids every single product is laboratory tested and quality guaranteed. 

  • Multi-phase glycogen replenishment
  • Utilises high and low GI carbohydrates
  • Allow faster recovery

Extreme carbs can also be used to make your own protein blends more suitable for you macro count. Simply add your carbohydrates in post-workout shakes or adjust it according to your daily eating goals.

Extreme Carbs Key Features

Maximise Post Workout Insulin

Provides rapid, moderate and slowly absorbed carbohydrates and a powerful insulin potentiator (Promilin®) to help promote glycogen synthesis and maximise insulin sensitivity.

Versatile Carbs

Formulated to enhance post-workout glycogen synthesis, improve anabolic recovery and provide a convenient source of energy rich carbohydrates for pre or intra workout use.

Functional Synergy

Designed to be used with International Protein® Proteins, Pre-Workouts, Recovery and Amino Acid formula’s to enhance their functionality.

Neutral Flavour

Has a neutral, mildly sweet taste so it can be added to other foods especially protein shakes without affecting their taste or making them unbearably sweet.

Energy Source

High and Low GI Carbs provide both immediate and long-term energy to fuel even the most gruelling workout, competition or match.

Efficient Anabolic Recovery

Containing a proportion of glucose and fructose, with Promilin®, Extreme Cards has the ability to further increase insulin levels, enhancing the body’s anabolic state, aiding anabolic recovery.

Suggested Use


Mix 80g* with 200-400ml of water immediately after training. Recommended serving size is 1.0-1.5g/kg bodyweight. For optimum recovery, combine with International Protein’s Amino Charged WPI at a rate of 0.6-0.7g Amino Charged WPI per kg bodyweight.

General Use

At other times of the day, combine Extreme Carbs with International Protein’s Protein Synergy for a flexible meal replacement or pre-workout meal. Recommended serving size is 0.5-0.75g/kg bodyweight. For the best consistency, use 50-100ml of water per 20g of Extreme Carbs.

*Based on 1g/1kg for an 80kg individual. Use more or less Extreme Carbs based on your bodyweight.

Extreme Carbs Flavour

Extreme Carbs by International Protein only comes in one flavour as it is recommended to be used with a protein supplement as well:

  • Neutral - mildly sweet taste so it can be added to other foods especially protein shakes without affecting their taste or making them unbearably sweet.


  • Glucose Polymers
  • Rice Starch
  • Fructose
  • Glucose
  • Natural Cream Flavour
  • PromilinTM (Fenugreek Seed Extract)
  • Sweetener (Sucralose)

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