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ATP Science Alpha Woman Stack

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Made by the heroes at ATP Science
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What's included:


Z-Mag contains nothing other than what the name suggests: Zinc (Z), Magnesium (M), Selenium (S) and Taurine (T). These are all essential nutrients for the human body, which become ever-more important when your body is depleted due to training and exercise.

        Read more about Z-MAG here...

        Adrenal RX

        Adrenal RX is a specially curated formulation to address things that cause your body stress - which lets face it, are varied and abundant in this world. Here to pick you up when you’re down and fatigued, and to calm you down when you’re so anxious you might cry, Adrenal RX can be used for all varieties of stress to regulate the stress response and assist in recharging your body to keep you living at your best.

        Read more about Adrenal RX here...

        Venus E-Tox

        Venus E-Tox is a very unique and special supplement created by ATP Science - formulated to help balance and settle the symptoms of premenstrual tension. Those symptoms include the mood swings and irritability, the abdominal bloating and pain, the headaches, the fluid retention that makes you feel bloated and puffier than ever, the breast pain and of course, the acne.

          Read more about Venus E-Tox here...

          Block E3

          Block E3 is one of our favourites from the transdermal range, purely because its so unique in function! The active ingredients work synergistically to tackle estrogen dominance at the site by blocking aromatase activity.

          Read more about Block E3 here...

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