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ATP Science Alpha Male Stack

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Made by the heroes at ATP Science
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What's included:


Taking Ares is all about naturally optimising your body’s hormones - so that you can continue to feel just as young and strong as you did in your early 20s for longer. For men, it’s like giving your body a big neon sign reading “Build muscle and burn fat better, please”. For women, Ares can be hugely beneficial in easing into menopause - relieving several of the horrible symptoms that come with the hormone imbalance of menopause.

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    Alpha Prime

    Estrogen can make or break your physique. Alpha Prime has no gender preference, effective for male and female you can expect:

    • Block excess estrogen
    • Boosts anabolic androgens
    • Reduces catabolic cortisol

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          Z-Mag contains nothing other than what the name suggests: Zinc (Z), Magnesium (M), Selenium (S) and Taurine (T). These are all essential nutrients for the human body, which become ever-more important when your body is depleted due to training and exercise.

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              Prototype 8

              What if we said that you didn’t have to take oral arginine to get the skin splitting pump from your training? What if we said that there was a cream you could apply before training and just before a set that would give you far more directional results?

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