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All Natural Pre-Workout

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Made by the heroes at Macro Mike
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We know it’s hard breaking up with your pre-workout.

It can be even harder knowing how beneficial pre-workouts really are. Often found guilty of being dosed with excessive amounts of artificially manufactured caffeine and while they may make you feel as if they are “working” at the time, the additional stress it puts on your central nervous system and cortisol levels (not to mention the post workout crash) can actually be completely counterproductive to what you’re trying to achieve with your hard work training or in the gym.

As an advocate for everything natural, gut friendly and scientifically backed, Macro Mike have created what they’d like to call the absolute pièce de résistance of the natural pre-workout world. This will be followed by a number of other natural sports supplements forming their ‘Performance Range’.


So what’s their secret?

Macro Mike's pre-workout is formulated with tried and tested, science backed pre workout supplementation ingredients. They’ve included all of the classics, trusty creatine, taurine, tyrosine, citrulline malate, AAKG, agmatine sulphate and beta alanine combined with a naturally derived caffeine blend of guarana, mate leaf and kola nut seed (which also all have health benefits that extend far beyond energy boosting).

Nothing artificial, no caffeine crashes – just focus, endurance, energy and performance delivered to you in a natural and effective blend, that tastes great and doesn’t have an ingredients list as long as a dinner table.

Customer Reviews

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Macro Mike all natural pre work out

Worked well, felt energetic in the gym. Definitely needs the higher quantity of water they recommend, found the flavour too overwhelming with a little water!

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